Shaver Drill Bits

Shaver Drill Bits


These drill bits are moving forward the concept of flapless surgery. They allow for the preparation of the mucous membrane, periosteum and targeting before drilling for the placement of KontactTM implants with one cortical bone operation. The surgical site can be prepared without a lancet, curette or pointing drill.

The range of flapless bits: a bit diameter for each implant diameter

(implants KontactTM, KontactTM N, KontactTM S, KontactTM S+)

Flapless drill bits are available in 5 different diameters: one for each implant diameter to have a perfect circular cut of the muscoa

The shaver bits are composed of two parts: the tissue punch and the trephine

Tissue Punch
A circular crown that incises the mucosa. Container inside. The depth of mucosa removed can be identified from the laser markings on the punch.

Trephines : 5 very sharp blades form the shaver which allows to incise the mucosa, but also to recline it and to eliminate it with an action on the periosteum and on the bone cortical. In the center of the blades is the trocar with a sharp profile.
Trocart : it protrudes from the shaver which itself protrudes from the circular crown. It allows to perforate the cortical bone in the center of the drill bit. The inetrne design of the drill bit allows the removal and reassembly of all the incised mucosa.
Méplats : on the sides to facilitate the assembly/disassembly of the drill bits after each surgery

Simplified technical platform

Reduced operating time

Accurate and reproducible results

For the first time, one drill bit for each implant diameter for optimal precision

Less painful post-operative follow-up, no post-operative oedema

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