The 3SHAPE intraoral scanner offers you ease of use and optimal precision in your optical impression taking, a sine qua non condition for a successful treatment. It facilitates your daily practice and allows you to work more freely while optimizing communication with your patients and colleagues.

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Better for your patients, better for you

Enter the world of digital dentistry with 3Shape TRIOS® and discover a large choice of possibilities, not just faster, but easier and more comfortable impressions. You will also have additional ways to recommend and engage your patients to accept more durable, aesthetic and functional treatments, possible thanks to TRIOS®. Digital dentistry with 3Shape TRIOS® expands your skill set with new treatment options and increases the profitability of your practice.

Wireless and/or wired

With or without renewable license

Purchase your old camera: it keeps its value even after 5 years

The choice of orthodontists and orthotists



Discover all benefits of 3Shape.

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Manufacturer 3Shape TRIOS: The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner is a Class I medical device in Europe for dental care reserved for healthcare professionals. It is not reimbursed by health insurance organisations. It is certified ISO 13485 by the BSI organisation. Date of CE marking: April 2015 TRIOS 3 – December 2018 TRIOS 4. Manufacturer: 3Shape TRIOS A/S. Read the user’s manual carefully. Distributed by Biotech Dental Connect.

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