Biotech Dental proposes you the ATP38®, a combination of technologies associated with the best techniques based on the principle of photobiomodulation. It allows cells to benefit from the energy of light and to act on the living without altering it. Discovered by NASA in the 90’s, photobiomodulation benefits from an important scientific background and can be applied to most dental processes.



This painless and non-invasive treatment improves tissue repair, accelerates healing, reduces pain and inflammation wherever the light is applied. The ATP38® can treat large areas with precision by guaranteeing the right dose of energy for the treated surface.

Integrating this technology into your daily practice will give you the opportunity to diversify the care you offer, decrease treatment time and provide a modern and soothing therapeutic experience for your patients.

Athermal treatment

Diffusion of natural wavelengths (spectrum from 452nm to 875nm), athermal, which by converting light energy into metabolic energy, will stimulate the processes of cell regeneration.


Microprocessor control to guarantee the accuracy and control of the wavelength energy dose


Easy to use, mobile device with short and customisable protocols


Dental care: orthodontics, implant surgery, periodontics, general practice


Discover all benefits of ATP38®.

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Manufacturer: Swiss Bio Inov. Z. I Pré-Bryand 14, Box 12 – 1510 Moudon SWITZERLAND. S.A. with a capital of 100 00 CHF – RCS Fribourg: CH-217-3553976-2 – VAT No.: CHE-426.383.035.
Distributed by: Biotech Dental.
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Medical device. Technology for medical applications: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing. Must be used by qualified and trained healthcare professionals. Protective eyewear must be worn by the practitioner and the patient. Contraindicated for patients with pacemakers, epileptic patients, pregnant women and prepubescent children. Carefully read the instructions in the leaflet. Images for illustration purposes only.

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