Recognised and protected by the accreditation of a European patent, the STSystem® (Six-Three System) is a hexalobular indexing system developed and owned by Biotech Dental.


Composed of 6 lobes in the implant and 3 lobes on the abutment, this patented system (Patent no. CN103458819 (A) – Dental implant – 2013) allows reliable and intuitive insertion of prosthetic components.

Available on all of our implant ranges (except Kontact Ø3mm implant and Kontact W range), STSystems indexing allows:

A resistant assembly

Tight sealed connexion

Easy insertion

Fast and reliable repositioning

Maximum flexibility thanks to the 6 possible positions for the prosthetic components

STSystem aperçu

Pre-clinical study

For the Kontact implant, a study aimed at assessing the quality of the hermetic connection between the prosthetic part and the implant highlighted the reliability of our system. It demonstrated that our assembly met all the required waterproofing criteria (Study No. 29J of 12/30/2013).

Providing maximum reliability and security, STSystem® indexing contributes to the lifetime warranty of Kontact implants, as part of compliance with recommended surgical protocols and when fitting Biotech Dental catalog prosthetic parts and its CADCAM solutions provided by Biotech Dental Digital.

Vue du dessus Kontact STSystem

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