Zirconium oxide ceramic implants offer a true alternative to titanium implants and are better choices for patients with metal allergies. These implants offer natural soft tissue aesthetics while providing a metal-free alternative to titanium implants.


The future: natural white in the digital age

The Zeramex XT Dental Implant belongs to the two-piece, 100% metal-free Zeramex ceramic implant series. It offers you maximum prosthetic flexibility, especially in the anterior region, thanks to a reversible screw connection and an unlimited range.

Natural look

No grayish edges, no darkening in the center of the implant.

Better vascularization1

Reduced plaque affinity and less bacterial adhesion2
Supporting the health and long-term stability of soft tissue1

Successful osteointegration

Bone-implant contact (BIC) at an ideal level
98% success rate3

Vicarbo: twice the tensile strength of grade 5 titanium4

Tight fit with “cork effect”
High performance PEEK reinforced with carbon fiber

Bone preservation with biocompatible drills and tools

Protective and precise


With a complete and innovative digital workflow.

Patients choice

87% of patients choose a white dental implant5.

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4) Boyer R et al., Materials Properties Handbook: Titanium Alloys, ASM International, 1994.
5) Online survey (German speaking regions) with 1,000 participants: The white or the grey implant? Which would you choose?

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