Since its creation in 1987, the Biotech Dental Group has focused its development on human, social, societal and environmental issues.

An ethical and responsible commitment that is reflected in concrete daily actions.


Biotech Dental is committed to prevention, oral health and smile restoration for men and women around the world.

Through the organization of philanthropic actions, the Group has for many years offered dental care to underprivileged people or in emergency through various humanitarian operations.

The biggest event of care offered to populations in difficulty is without context the organization of the “1000 smiles of Morocco” days, a bi-annual event where Biotech Dental, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Morocco, has offered, since its 1st edition in 2015, several hundred patients the restoration of their smile. Organized around a 2-step certification training program (in implantology and then in prosthetics), each session is an opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical skills, but also to experience an intense human adventure, where patients, trainers and students share hope, pleasure and smiles.

Another highlight is the Group’s commitment to the Smile Faith Foundation, which helps provide free dental care to veterans of the United States armed forces, victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Biotech generously provides the equipment and implants necessary to perform the reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries for this program.

Our Group’s commitment to the most disadvantaged is an illustration of the values of generosity, solidarity and sharing that we wish to promote. Locally or beyond the borders, Biotech Dental brings its help to those who need it.

And our actions are not limited to medical care: support for the homeless, humanitarian convoy in Ukraine, we are present wherever it is necessary, because “A smile costs nothing, but it pays a lot; it enriches the one who receives it without impoverishing the one who gives it. ”

(Frank Irving Fletcher)

Optimizing the environmental footprint

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face on this planet. The health sector is responsible for 4%* of total global greenhouse gas emissions. As part of this industry, we are committed to the transition to sustainable health.

Member of the Business for Climate Convention

To meet this major challenge, we must act and find solutions together. This is the meaning of the Business for Climate Convention, a great adventure in which Biotech Dental is honored to participate.

Reduce carbon footprint, reduce water use and improve energy efficiency

The ambition of our group Biotech Dental is clear: reduce our environmental footprint throughout our value chain. In order to precisely define the action plan that will allow us to reach the objectives in line with the Paris Agreement (55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030), Biotech Dental has carried out its carbon footprint for the year 2021. At the same time, we are continuing our efforts to reduce our energy consumption (installation of 208 photovoltaic panels on our new Smilers plant in Salon de Provence) and our waste (modernization plan for the treatment of discharges and waste from our implants and prostheses plant).

Contribute to carbon absorption by planting trees with Ecotree

We are also committed to our forests alongside EcoTree. In 2021, Biotech Dental contributed to the planting of 1,164 trees (582 Red Oaks and 582 Laricio Pines) in the Luthenay forest. EcoTree ensures the sustainable management of these trees with a “close to nature” silvicultural approach. This initiative contributes to carbon capture and the preservation of biodiversity.

* The Lancet 2020 study


A benchmark company in the Salon region, Biotech Dental is proudly attached to its roots. Because of its size, the Group has a major social and economic role in the local environment. A mission that Biotech Dental Group is taking up with brio to assume its leadership status

Supporting sports, cultural and economic activities mainly in the Southern Region

Very attached to the sporting, cultural and economic dimensions of its territory, Biotech Dental (is) invested to develop these aspects in the Southern Region. Participation in the program “Entrepreneurs in the city” to support local entrepreneurs, participation in the association Sport and Life Style to promote sport in companies since 2013…. Many concrete actions that participate in a permanent improvement of the territory.

Participate in a solidarity movement

Solidarity is one of the values promoted by the Group. At the instigation of our management, we are making our teams aware of numerous social actions (operation “Solidarity Christmas Boxes”, environmental operation: “World Clean Up Day”). In particular, we have organized a humanitarian convoy of more than 4 semi-trailer trucks of essential goods for refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Building a new generation plant to create jobs in the Salon region

Designed as a Provencal production tool that will have an international reach, the new Smilers factory brings together 3,500m2 of high technology dedicated to the production of 100% “Origine France Garantie” transparent aligners. This new Smilers unit will be located in Salon-de-Provence and will contribute to the creation of numerous jobs.


A forerunner in taking into account well-being in the workplace as a vector of performance, Biotech Dental is committed to offering an optimal quality of professional life to all its employees.

Guarantee health and safety and quality working conditions

Our wellness strategy is declined in multiple actions that accompany the members of the Biotech Dental Family on a daily basis. Weekly fruit delivery, weekly fruit juice tasting (eco-responsible cup offered), creation of a vegetable garden, big Christmas party, family day “Biotech Family Day”… Sport has always been part of our identity and it is naturally that we have offered free sports classes to our employees and stretching sessions.

Integrate, train and develop skills and talents

The real wealth of the Biotech Dental Group is all the employees who make it up. Eager to maintain and develop the skills of all our talents, our Group is committed to offering numerous training courses to all but also to integrating many students on work-study contracts.