Un implant monobloc conçu pour assurer une stabilité primaire ainsi qu’une ostéointégration optimales.


Optimisez l’espace biologique et préservez le complexe ostéo-muqueux

Discover a monoblock implant with a body design highly inspired by the iconic Kontact™ which benefits from a concave transgingival neck and an integrated universal conical abutment. The Kontact™ MB implant promotes and optimal bone and mucosa response.

Un implant monobloc novateur avec un héritage solide

Designed according to the BTLC ( Bone & Tissue Level Concept)

Combination of features and benefits from 1-piece and 2-pieces implants.

Monoblock implant to place the neck in juxtaposition or in subcrestal.

Protection of peri-implant soft tissues and bones due to its monoblock design and its smooth transgingival neck combined to a platform switching.
Pink anodised concave neck for a better aesthetic integration.

External connection with an integrated universal conical abutment (MUA – Multi-Unit Abutment), standard diameter for screw-retained prosthesis.

Performing design and implant surface

Cylindrical-conical design made of grade 4 Titanium (T60)
Sandbalsted-etched surface and SLA® hydrophilic

Excellent mechanical strength due to the absence of screwing holes in the neck and body of the implant

The monoblock concept with no implant-abutment junction will avoid disrupting the biological space when unscrewing and screwing during prosthetic phases.

Possibility of very narrow diameter:

L’absence de vis interne au corps de l’implant permet de réaliser un diamètre conçu pour les crêtes étroites afin de limiter les greffes osseuses.


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Kontact MB


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