Tekscan Occlusal Measurement

The digital occlusal analysis system reveals the timing and intensity of contact forces on each tooth and the patient’s occlusal stability. Unlike articulating paper, which only provides information on the contact area, this technology provides the measured force of the occlusal surfaces in real time.


The new standard of care in digital occlusal analysis

T-Scan is a digital occlusal analysis system consisting of a sensor, a hand-held and software. T-Scan’s accurate and actionable data allows you to accurately diagnose and treat occlusion with confidence.

More effective results

Objective data leads to more effective treatments and concrete results.

Simplified communication with patients

Easy to understand, visual data promotes patient acceptance of treatment.

Integration of all data

Integration of print and biometric data.

Digital Workflow

Accelerate your workflow by going digital, without ever leaving your patient’s side.

Opt for differentiation

Expand your treatment capabilities and increase your patient base


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