Discover the Bone Revolution range by PK.

A range of performing tools designed to simplify your surgeries and improve your rehabilitations management.


Self-drilling multi indication mini screws kit

The screwpinskit is a kit of 1 mm diameter nickel-free self-drilling mini screws in a sterilised container. The self-tapping thread ensures to not drill the placement site.

Sterilised container

6 screws lengths: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm

2 drill bits: diameter 0.8mm, L 8mm et 14mm

2 screwdriver axis (medium and long) and 1 screwdriver handle


A modelled cage for customised bone regeneration

Your3Dcage is a customised titanium cage based on the digital reconstruction of the bone crest according to the prosthetic project.

This innovative solution can regenerate complex bone defects and use CAD/CAM technology. 3D printing with the DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) system can modify CAD files into functional parts.

3D printing made of pure grade 2 titanium (T40) allowing:
High elasticity unit to adapt the patient’s anatomy during surgery
Use of autogenous bone

Printing method ensures:
Necessary mechanical strength for bone regeneration
A micro-structured cage surface reducing the risk of exposure

The mesh is delivered with a guide to accurately adjust the placement height


A mechanical tool for easier bone remodelling

Raposs is a mechanical tool to remodel an autogenous bone sample site.

Faster than a manual tool for simplified work

Specific design to
Remodel all bone surfaces (flat, concave, convex)
Simplify the instrument access into the mouth
Remodel a bone block outside the mouth

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